050-Garage Sales Local


15020 Issaquah Hobart Rd SE

(5 miles south of Sunset way)

Friday June 5th from 9?4 and

Saturday June 6 from 9?2


Community Garage Sale

Fri?Sat, May 15?16, 9am?4pm.

200+ homes.

Look for RED balloons!

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ONE MALE & One Female EnglishBulldogs Puppies Needs Home

If Interested Contact :


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134-Help Wanted

ERA LIVING, A respected leader inretirement living, has an opportunityto join our team as a Laundry Atten-dant/Janitor at University House, Is-saquah. Sundays/Mondays 11am –7pm. Apply or send resume EEO



210-Public Notices

Public Notice 15?1343




May 9, 2015

Snoqualmie Casino Ballroom

Check?in at 9:00 am

Meeting begins promptly at

10am to 4pm

Adult tribal members only


Public Notice 15?1347


Public Hospital District No. 4, KingCounty, Washington (the “District”),will hold a public hearing on May 7,2015, at 6:30 p.m. at the Sno-qualmie City Hall, Council Cham-bers, 38624 S.E. River Street, Sno-qualmie, Washington. The Districtwill accept public testimony on thefollowing proposed qualified 501(c)-(3) bonds to be issued by the Districtin one or more series as hospital rev-enue bonds and limited tax generalobligation refunding bonds, a portionof the interest on which bonds willbe excluded from gross income forfederal income tax purposes.

Project No. 1 Description:Paying orreimbursing costs of acquiring, con-structing, equipping, furnishing andoperating a new hospital and relatedfacilities

Project No. 2 Description:Refundingprior obligations of the District whose proceeds were used to fi-nance or refinance the costs of ac-quiring, constructing, remodeling,renovating, equipping and operatingSnoqualmie Valley Hospital and itsclinics and ancillary facilities, includ-ing the Snoqualmie Ridge MedicalClinic, the Snoqualmie Hospital Re-habilitation Clinic and the Sno-qualmie Ridge Women’s Clinic

Maximum Principal Amount of theBonds for Project No. 1:


Maximum Principal Amount of theBonds for Project No. 2:


Operator of Both Projects:PublicHospital District No. 4,

King County, Washington

Project No. 1 Location:New HospitalSite

9801 Frontier Avenue SE

(off I?90, Exit 25)

Snoqualmie, WA 98065

(Please note: most GPS units willnot correctly find the address. De-tailed directions may be obtained bycalling Jim Grafton at 425?831?2300, ext.140 or on the District’s website.)

Project No. 2 Location:

Snoqualmie Valley Hospital & Clinics

9450 and 9575 Ethan Wade Way SE

Snoqualmie, WA 98065

Snoqualmie Ridge Medical Clinic

35020 SE Kinsey Street

Snoqualmie, WA 98065

Snoqualmie Hospital RehabilitationClinic

38565 SE River Street

Snoqualmie, WA 98065

Snoqualmie Ridge Women’s Clinic

7726 Center Blvd SE

Suite 230

Snoqualmie, WA 98065

The public is invited to attend thehearing and present oral or writtentestimony regarding the Project, orto submit written comments to theDistrict at the following address tobe received no later than the time ofthe hearing:

Snoqualmie Valley Hospital

Attn: Valerie Huffman

9575 Ethan Wade Way SE

Snoqualmie, WA 98065

The hearing shall constitute the pub-lic hearing required by Section 147-(f) of the Code. The District is com-mitted to providing equal access toindividuals with disabilities, consis-tent with the Americans with Disabili-ties Act and other state and federallaws prohibiting discriminationagainst individuals with disabilities.Anyone requiring an accommodationto participate in this hearing or to ob-tain information subject to this noticeshould contact the District at least24 hours prior to the time of the hear-ing at (425) 831?2300.

Dated: April 23, 2015

Rodger McCollum, Administrator

Public Hospital District No. 4

King County, Washington

Published in the SnoValley Star onApril 29th and May 6th, 2015,