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Elizabeth Ann Herring was born on June 22, 1949 in Oklahoma City, USA. She was the youngest child in a large family and was brought up with three older brothers. Her father was a military instructor during the Second World War, later worked as a salesman, her mother kept a household and took care of the children.

Elizabeth Warren has had a brilliant career in law and politics, but she decided not to stop there. In 2020, she joined the battle for the opportunity to become the US presidential candidate and topple Donald Trump. After graduating from Rutgers University, Warren worked as a lawyer. She devoted this period to studying the causes of the ruin of the middle class and published scientific works on this topic.

Even then, she decided that she would fight for the restoration of the rights of this population segment. Elizabeth created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to help people avoid deception and fraud from companies and banks.


“ Every time the U.S. government makes a low-cost loan to someone, it's investing in them. ”